Ingrid Mürrle, M.A.

PSB-S Trainer

Ingrid Mürrle, M.A., Working in the provision of mental health services for over 30 years, Ingrid has used her bilingual and bicultural skills to facilitate her work with Latino families. As a Social Worker in Alexandria, Virginia, Ingrid assisted with emergency work in Child Protection Services, the police, and other departmental needs at the Department of Social Services. After relocating to Southern California and settling in at Children's Institute for the last 22 years, Ingrid has provided direct clinical services to hundreds of children and families who have experienced child abuse and neglect, family, and community violence. She additionally provides expertise in working with victims of sexual abuse and youth with problematic sexual behavior problems. In her current role as the NCTSN Clinical Training Manager at CII, Ingrid is primarily focused on raising the standard of care to improve services to traumatized children, their families, and communities in Los Angeles.

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