Courtney Landes, MSW

PSB-S Trainee

Courtney Landes is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Fort Worth, Texas. Courtney received her Master of Science in Social Work in 2011 from the University of Texas and has been working with children and families ever since. Courtney has been at Lena Pope since 2013 and was part of the first team in the state of Texas to be trained in PSB-CBT through OUHSC. Since 2015, Courtney has helped lead Lena Pope’s program for children with problematic sexual behavior, including Tarrant County’s innovative approach to juvenile diversion. Trained in PSB-CBT for School-Age Children, PSB-CBT for Preschool-Age Children, and Advanced TF-CBT for PSB, she has been a Within-Agency Trainer since 2018 and provided both group and family treatment for children ages 3-14 yo and their caregivers. During this time, Lena Pope has been the recipient of 3 OJJDP grants. In addition to providing the PSB-CBT curriculum, Courtney has presented on PSB at a variety of conferences, including but not limited to: The Texas Child Care Administration Conference (2017), The National Symposium on the Sexual Behavior of Youth (2020), The Correctional Management Institute of Texas Conference on Managing Juveniles With Sexual Behavior Problems (2023), and The Texas Probation Association Legislative Conference (2023). Courtney is also nationally certified in TF-CBT and EMDR.